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why you need specifications

What's so important about Specifications?

Specifications provid teams clearly defined project scope in one place. Specifications provide everyone on your team (Project managers, Designers, Solution Designers, Software Developers and Quality Analysts) a united understand of the solution being built. It allows your entire team to collaborate, update and develop the project scope collectively.

How SPEQit helps your team

This is how SPEQit will help your team from popes to pagans
Benefit for Designers


Upload all your designs into a single location and provide more details for those complex areas where a picture doesn't tell the whole story.

Benefit for Project Managers

Project Managers

Get a full picture of the scope of your project to more accurately drive project timelines and cost.

Benefit for Developers


Spell out exactly what needs to be built for your entire development team.

Benefit for Testers

QA Testers

Take the guess work out of how features are meant to work to help you write tests to target the desired functionality.

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