SPEQit is your path to clarity to product digital products & solutions
SPEQit clarifies path to clarity to product digital products

Central location for your designs

Use the apps you're comfortable using to design mockups, wireframes and designs. Upload them into SPEQit to keep everyone in sync.

Bring context to your designs

Add context to your designs by annotating the additional information that visuals simply can't convey. Be explicit with your design vision!

Speak the language of your developers

By adding specifications element like requirements, use cases and user stories, you can communicate exact functionality to your tech team using the tools they are familar with.

Understand the impact of changes

Embrace changes from your team and clients. Quickly assess the impact of a proposed change to better gauge the effort and cost to accommodate the new change. No more second guessing how new changes will impact your project.

Collaborate and communicate efficiently

Invite your team members to capture feedback directly on designs, flows, user stories, and requirements. Say goodbye to lost thoughts buried in long email threads or chat programs.

Start producing better software

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