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Who are we?

We are a company that has been building software for various clients for over 13 years. More than just building software however, we are software enthusiasts who are hugely passionate about how software is built and the tools used to drive the process.

Through our experiences through countless projects, we found that a shared theeme throughout our projects has been the lack of tools around software specifications.


Why SPEQit?

There have been tools for project management, task management, requirements management, communication and collaboration. Why isn't there a proper tool for building out your software design and specifications?

After one particularly frustrating project (where lack of a properly defined scope was the major issue), we decided enough is enough and decided to create SPEQit to change the way digital professionals define and work with project scope.

SPEQit is the result of over 40 years shared software development experience to bring creative designers, solution architects, business analysts, developers, project managers, and QAs together to say we all own the scope and specifications of a digital project. With SPEQit, teams can easily build and maintain a digital specification which is key to successful delivery in any software project.

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